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From 0 to Launched in 6 Weeks

"I loved the program because It allowed me to realize my potential as a business owner. It shifted my way of thinking from nursing to business. Nicole helped me by giving me every tool necessary to become successful in this Industry. I was able to launch my staffing firm quickly and efficiently."

From 0 to Launched in 6 Weeks

"I loved the program because this program provided me with the blueprint to create my very own staffing firm with insight and confidence . Nicole helped me to understand the 80/20 rule and realize the true capabilities within that help to bring about growth."

From 0 to Launched in 6 Weeks

"I loved the program because I have all the necessary tools to excel in the staffing industry. Nicole has not only increased my knowledge but also my confidence by preparing and providing examples how to solve unforeseen issues."

From 0 to Launched in 11 Days

"We loved the program because it helped us get a better understanding of the staffing industry and how to be successful. Nicole helped us to transform our ideas into reality, with the reassurance that things are being done the correct way. She gives off positive energy, you can't help but to feel empowered when listening. The information in her program is valuable and we would recommend to others serious about getting involved in the staffing industry."

Signed an 88 facilities agreement on her first try

"With Nicole's mentorship and step-by-step guidance, my vision for being an entrepreneur became reality. I gained more than just the knowledge of how healthcare staffing works, I also gained the skills needed to ensure my agency succeeds. Using the methods Nicole taught me, I signed a corporate contract providing staff for 88 facilities statewide on my first try!!!"

Catapulted business to the next level

First let me begin by saying thank you for your professional sessions to help catapult my business to the next level. Nicole was very informative and offered great resources. She exceeded my expectations while making the experience one to remember. I am thankful for the assistance with professional development, focusing on business structure, and overall company etiquette. I would recommend her to anyone that is looking to get to the next level!
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